Tócóvölgyi Extreme Sports Park to be Built in Debrecen

A public tender was announced for the construction of the Tócóvölgyi Extreme Sports Park where BMX, trial bike, dirtjump, skateboard and roller skating rink will be built.

The invitation to tender for the Tócóvölgyi Extrémsport Park was published in the Official Journal of the European Union, Mayor László Papp announced last week.

The long-awaited park will soon be built in Debercen which will provide great sports opportunities not only for families but also for young people. There are plans to build a BMX, trial bike, dirtjump, skateboard, scooter and rollerblading tracks in varying degrees of difficulty, so beginners to pros can use the park, he said.

In addition to local resources, the local government also sought tender opportunities for the park and could attract additional resources through the Hungarian Cycling Association, so that the facility could be even more complex than previously planned.

The Tócóvölgyi Extreme Sports will be located next to ice rink. According to the call, the entire area will be of ​​7,600 square meters with 1,380 shrubs and 20 park trees. Approximately 1,145 square meters of grassland will be renewed, and benches, candelabra, bicycle pads and first aid point will be developed.

Sports require the production of high-quality continuous smoothed concrete pavements on 2685 square meters, of which 83 square meters are sloping and curved concrete surfaces made by hand smoothing.

Inside the currently unused area of ​​the ice rink, approximately 3,300 square meters of paved space suitable for sports and active recreation activities will be created. They will build a 38-square-meter container building that will house locker rooms, a washroom block, a shop, and an associated warehouse.

The universal area named as Plaza next to the entrance will be suitable for learning the basics and beginner steps. It evokes the character of a classic public space where children and beginners can practice on a flat surface, but it can also be interpreted as a reception and community space for the area. The skateboarding part for professionals is a so-called “pool” type track, a sunken curved concrete pool.

Another large unit of the extreme sports park is the bike park built for cyclists which can be divided into three other track types, the trial, the BMX and the pump. The trial section includes both fixed and mobile trial elements and the varied terrain design further enhances its usability. The design of the pump or the trial track does not require paved surfaces. The BMX track is planned to be suitable for national or even international competitions.

Source: dehir.hu | Photo: www.facebook.com/drpappl