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Top 25 Destinations by National Geographic 2021 -Hortobágy Included

THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC has published their annual list of “Top 25 Destinations” for 2021, wonderful places that will inspire future travels and remind us why we love to travel and for 2021, Hortobágy is included.

In the face of a world where travel is often difficult, not advised, or outlawed, the most important message of this year’s compilation is hope. dream now, travel later.

National Geographic has categorized the outstanding destinations into five categories, sustainability, family, nature, adventure, and culture, which fills travel enthusiasts with hope even if the next holiday date is uncertain.

The illustrious list was compiled by international editorial teams again this year, the full compilation, complete with stories, conservation successes, and cultural experiences, can be found on the National Geographic’s website.

Each of the categories hides a number of exciting destinations. The Greek Alonissos has been added to the compilation with its new underwater museum, where visitors can discover the remains of a 2,500-year-old shipwreck, and French New Caledonia has won acclaim with its 1.3 million-square-kilometer marine park.

In the family category, in addition to the Florida Space Coast, England’s special coastal footpath, Transylvania and British Columbia, Hortobágy was also included in this category.

The extensive area of ​​the Hortobágy National Park is a perfect destination even when social distancing. The nearly 200,000-hectare area of ​​the Great Plain in Eastern Hungary is a world heritage site, a status which preserves the largest surviving native grassland in Europe, as well as traditions dating back thousands of years, they write. The rich ecosystem, protected since 1973, provides habitat for about 340 bird species. They also highlight foals and the traditions of animal husbandry, as well as the related colorful program options.

“While travel has now been pushed into the background due to the epidemic, it has not dampened curiosity and desire for discovery,” said George Stone, chief editor of National Geographic. “The world is full of miracles – even if it’s hard to reach now,” he added.

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