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Two New Junctions Will Improve Access to Debrecen from the M35 Motorway

For easier access, two multi-lane roundabouts will be established.

After the construction of the Debrecen-Józsa junction and the significant development of the junction of the 354 main road, the North-West Economic Zone of Debrecen will be accessible at two locations from the summer of 2022.

The Józsa motorway junction will be built between the 32-34 km section of the M35 motorway and it will serve the northern approach of the planned Debrecen North-West Economic Zone. The structure of the 2 × 2-lane structure above the M35 motorway has a structural length of 50.6 meters and a surface area of ​​993 square meters.

The new junction, to be built in the summer of 2022, will provide the settlement Józsa with the opportunity to establish a later direct motorway connection, which will also mean a long-term development opportunity. In the future, the junction will provide fast and safe access for those working in the industrial park, in addition to freight traffic.

As part of the investment, the existing special junction of the M35 motorway and the 354 main road will also be rebuilt by the end of 2021. The trumpet-shaped node will be transformed into a full-fledged clover-shaped node by rebuilding the existing direct branches and building new direct branches. As a result of the development, the North-West Economic Zone of Debrecen will be accessible directly from the motorway.

László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology, said that travelers could reach almost four times as many, a total of eleven border stations, on expressways compared to 2010. By 2025, four-lane road connections will be leading to all cities with county status. We are working to make a four-lane road available from any settlement within 30 minutes as soon as possible. By 2025, it will be true for nine out of ten Hungarians that they are half an hour close to a four-lane road, László Palkovics said.

Mayor László Papp emphasized that thanks to the economic development program of the Hungarian government, nowadays Hungary has become one of the largest capital-moving states in the region.

In the last 3 years, two large industrial areas have been established within the infrastructure network of Debrecen. The factories and businesses that settle here provide jobs for thousands of people. That is why, within the framework of the Debrecen 2030 program, which envisages the future of the city, we give a special role to the high-speed road developments affecting the county seat. It includes the construction of the two mentioned junctions. Our goal is to dynamically divert European transit traffic and provide uninterrupted service to the commuter and the locals, the mayor emphasized.

I am very pleased that this node is being realized. This investment fills an old gap, but we must not forget that there is more to be done, as the Debrecen economy is developing very dynamically and therefore road development investments are needed. Among the long-term plans, I must mention the expansion of the capacity of the M3 motorway, the construction of the Józsa bypass and the rethinking of the construction of the junction of the city Polgár, Lajos Kósa, the Member of Parliament for the region, pointed out.


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