University of Debrecen – New Developments + Courses


The Chemistry Building will be renovated, an Automotive Research and Training Laboratory will be built, and the Automotive Engineering course will be launched in 2020.

Zoltán Bács, the Chancellor of the University Debrecen stressed that the University Debrecen will receive a 20 billion HUF development according to a government decision, and the development will consist of three major parts:

  1. The campus of the Faculty of Engineering will be renewed and a new wing will be added, which will be home to the current mechanical engineering and electrical engineering training.
  2. The chemistry building, which serves as a place for science education, will receive about 6.5 billion HUF for renovation and 3) the university will set up a laboratory for research and education in the automotive industry.

In addition, the government supports human resource development of technical training by annually 200 million HUF over five years.

As we know, the automotive industry is being developed in Debrecen. The Continental factory is already being built in the South Industrial Park and the BMW factory will be built in the North-West Economic Zone.

Further Changes and Improvements at the University of Debrecen

Several new courses will be proposed by the university council, including the digital dental technician BA course, automotive engineering BA course, and a master’s degree in electrical engineering. In addition, there will be a BA course in applied museology.

The university council supported the proposal to implement the merger of the Faculty of Economics of the University of János Neumann into the University of Debrecen. The new unit will not be a faculty but a training place, and it will be named as “the Szolnok Campus of the University of Debrecen”. As planned, technical and health science courses will start in addition to the existing degree programmes in economics.

The council will create a position of vice-rector responsible for technical innovation and training development, while the Innovation Ecosystem Center will continue to operate as a separate university service unit.

The Research Exploitation and Technology Transfer Center has also been removed from the Chancellery and merged into the Innovation Ecosystem Center.

The Chancellor added that two more government decisions could affect the university in the near future, without mentioning any detail.

Photo credit: University of Debrecen


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