University Tower Debrecen for college students

The University Café (or Melange Café House) on the Egyetem Sugárút will be demolished, and it will be replaced by a high quality eight-story, 65 apartment building.


The new building is to be named University Tower, apt considering it’s close proximity to the University. Each luxury condominium will range between 39 to 90 square meters in size with between 10 to 24 square meters of terrace.

The roof will have a pool of approximately 100 square meters for residents to use. A three-story basement system will be built underneath the complex, with the upper two containing the garages (which will also accommodate car lifts) and the lower level with the mechanical engineering. On the ground floor, there will be a 24-hour front desk and an exclusive restaurant.

The apartments will be heated by an environmentally friendly heat pump and ceiling cooling / heating system will provide a comfortable climate at all times. These are included in the basic price although additional features and services can be purchased.

The building is planned to be completed in 14 months and so delivery is likely to be by the end of 2020, or early in 2021.

The price per square meter will be between 900 thousand and 1 million 200 thousand HUF.


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