Update – BMW Will Manufacture Electric Cars in Debrecen in 2025

The Bavarian manufacturer's first exclusively electric manufacturing site will be built in Debrecen, BMW has announced.


For electric cars, battery placement is a key issue, for example, a Tesla floor plate is nothing more than a huge tray battery. If a brand manufactures cars with different propulsion side by side, it is a good idea to design a floorboard that can be flexibly used for both internal combustion, hybrid, and purely electric cars.

Similar to Tesla in this respect is BMW, which wants to create cars with different modes of propulsion on the same production line. The production of such cars was also planned for the Debrecen plant. According to CEO Oliver Zipse, the Bavarians are planning a separate floor plate under fully electric models and this will be produced in Debrecen from 2025 onwards.

It was announced in May that BMW was to delay the opening of its new factory in Hungary by a year due to COVID-19. Despite the previous uncertainty, the construction of the infrastructure is ongoing. 

The contractor for the utilities providing drinking water supply and sewerage has been selected in the North-West Economic Zone, which also houses the future BMW plant, and according to the EU public procurement notice, the contractors will implement it at a net contract value of HUF 802 million.

The construction of the railway connection of the industrial area has also started with the investment of Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. The development will be carried out by the contractor from a funding of approximately HUF 54.9 billion. The existing route will be renovated and extended by 11.6km, and the necessary route correction will be built on 3.6 km.

In the course of the project, a seamless track with a total length of 31.4 kilometers will be built, and the construction of a double road lane between Debrecen and Tócóvölgy will be implemented.