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What are the Cost of Living Changes for 2020?

Public transport, parking in the underground garage and catering will be more expensive.

“Next year, most subsidies are planned to raise income margins so that as many as possible can become eligible for support,” said Aurélia Orosz, deputy leader of Fidesz-KDNP faction. Viktor Papp, leader of the Fidesz-KDNP faction, said that they pay special attention to people coming to Debrecen for clinical healthcare, thus providing a significant discount on the parking area next to the service road (road Pallag).

The minimum wage and the guaranteed minimum wage: In 2020, the minimum wage and the guaranteed minimum wage will increase from HUF 149,000 to HUF 160,920 and the latter from HUF 195,000 to HUF 210,600. With this in mind, the income threshold for many social benefits might increase to help as many families and young people in need as possible.

DKV tickets: The prices of the DKV tickets id did not change in 2019. In 2020, DKV might increase the prices by 5.3 per cent on average.

Parking fees (surface): There will be no change in surface parking fees in Debrecen in 2020. However, new the system, which is planned to be introduced in 2020, tries to solve many problems. In 2020, there is a plan to introduce a daily ticket per parking zone, and it will be equal to four hours of parking. In this case, if you pay the parking fee in the zone for 4 hours at ATMs or mobile parking, it will automatically qualify as a daily parking ticket.

If you park on the road Pallag, next to the hospital. If you pay for a minimum of 2 hours, the public service provider will provide 90 per cent discount on the fee for the first hour, so you will have to pay a gross HUF 200 for the 2 hour waiting period. Thereafter the fee is 180 HUF / hour for every hour started. The whole day parking will be only 560 HUF.

Parking fees (underground): In 2020, the hourly rate for underground parking will change from 320 HUF to 400 HUF

Meal Reimbursement Fees: A 5.1 percent increase in reimbursement fees is expected in public education and personal care and basic social welfare services.

Cemetery fees: An average 3.4 percent increase in cemetery fees is expected after inflation.

Public space usage fees: Public space usage fees will increase by 5 percent on average in 2020.

Photo credit: Image by Kevin Schneider from Pixabay



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