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New World-class Lab at Atomki Institute for Nuclear Research

Experts can carry out cutting edge research in the new laboratory of the Institute for Nuclear Research (ATOMKI).

The Tandetron Laboratory provides professionals with outstanding opportunities for carrying out research in a wide range of fields including physical, medical and archaeological research and according to international standards.

The laboratory is equipped with the most up-to-date tools to help professionals of the Institute do different kinds of research related to medicine and archaeology.

“We can accelerate the full-time system and work on a bigger scale than before and it means that we can do more sensitive measurements”, said Zsolt Dombrádi, director of the institution.

Within a European tender, HUF 4.5 billion was spent improving the Institution during the last three years. In total HUF 941.25 million went into the construction of the Tandetron Accelerator Laboratory.

Zoltán Birkner, President of the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation, emphasized the importance of cooperation between research institutes and universities.

“The university and research network refer to each other. It is very important for Hungary to have an international presence in this space”, Birkner stressed.

Lajos Barcsa, deputy mayor, said if a city wants to become a regional leader, it should be capable to provide people with opportunities to fulfil the needs of the scientifc community.

“It is an opportunity for young professionals to carry out world-class research as they have the most up-to-date techniques available. We are confident that we will see groundbreaking research that will increase the reputation of Debrecen”, said Lajos Barcsa.



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