World-Class Treatment for Those Infected With HIV in Debrecen

For five years now, there has been a regional supply center for people living with HIV in Debrecen.


Free World-class treatment for people infected with HIV is provided at the Kenézy Gyula University Hospital. Screening is also important because early therapy can prevent the development of AIDS disease.

Currently, 16 patients, most of them young men, receive professional care at the Infectology Board of Gyula Kenézy University Hospital.

“If patients regularly go for controls, take medication, and regularly have viral levels below the detectable threshold, then we can say that they are virtually non-infectious, safe sex can be recommended, and in case of women becoming pregnant is also possible”, explained Viktor Jancsik, chief medical officer.

In Hungary, the number of HIV-infected people is around four thousand, but only one in two will receive appropriate treatment. Early detection can prevent the development of the AIDS disease.

“If you go for screening but do not use safe sex, you might get infected. If someone becomes infected, and then comes to us, they can receive medication and can continue life”, says János Slavik, chief physician of the center.

The most vulnerable are those who practice gay sex and those who frequently change their partner. They are particularly recommended for anonymous HIV screening.

Anonymous HIV screening is available in Debrecen at Rózsahegyi Street No. 4 from 9 am to 12 pm on Fridays.

Photo credit: Darwin Laganzon


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