The Best Hungarian Press Photos @ Kölcsey Centre


Hundreds of award-winning works are exhibited in 14 categories at the Kölcsey Center. The exhibition is accompanied by an exhibition of photographs of cross-border photographers under the name Euro Photo Art.

Blooming of the Tisza, the several hours of life and wedding dance of the heron over the Tisza is a unique natural sight in Europe. One of the favorite subjects of the photographers, and Zsolt Czeglédi, a Debrecen-based photo reporter, could capture it.

The exhibition material consists of the prize-winning photos of the press competition, as well as important and interesting print materials.

Photographers compete in diverse categories such as news, portraits, art and sports photos.

This year, the organizers included the environment category and we can see environment-related topics such as global warming and pollution. Brilliant photos draw attention to the dangers to the Earth’s fauna. Another big topic was the society. We can see painful images of social phenomena that are often invisible.

The Press Photo Exhibition is open until August 6 at the Kölcsey Center.

Photo credit: Hungarian Press Photo