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Young Entrepreneur Of The Year is the CEO of Innonic

Csaba Zajdó, the owner of the Innonic Group and Shoprenter, received this year's National Young Entrepreneurship Award.

FIVOSZ rewards entrepreneurs who, despite their young age, create great value, both financially and socially.

“Recognition is particularly important because whoever receives it will serve as an example for hundreds of thousands of young entrepreneurs in Hungary for a full year,” said David Blaskovics, Vice President of Fivosz.

This year’s award was presented to Csaba Zajdó, owner of Innonic Group and Shoprenter, by Patrik Kovács, founder president of Fivosz and Tibor Gulyas, deputy state secretary of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology.

Csaba Zajdó founded his first business in Debrecen as a university student. Since then, the company has evolved into a group of companies that are expected to exceed revenue of HUF 1.3 billion with a profit of HUF 250 million in 2019.

The company makes it possible for thousands of merchants to start a webshop for a few thousand forints per month instead of millions. More than 65,000 companies use their products worldwide.


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