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The Zsuzsi Train to Be Modernized

The aim is to further increase the passenger number

The last major development of the Zsuzsi Forest Railway was completed in 2012, which saw the reconstruction of a nearly 10 kilometers track. Now, the local government will renovate the remaining 7-kilometers of track.

“This development proves that, along with the development of the city of Debrecen, the historical symbols also get modernized” – said István Gacsályi, CEO of
Zsuzsi Erdei Vasút Nonprofit Kft.

About twenty thousand travelers are traveling on “Zsusi” Forest Railway each year, but the operator, DKV Zrt. hopes that the renovation will increase the numbers of travelers.

Renovation details in a nutshell

The steam engine, the diesel locomotive manufactured in 1960 and a part of the passenger carriages will be renewed.

The facade of the building of at Ruyter Street will also be renovated and the doors and windows have been replaced. The previously built gate of Kisfulház House will be reopened, so the site can be walked around. In addition, three more monument buildings will be rebuilt.

The reconstruction will last until the end of October, until then the Zsuzsi railway is not in operation.

History of Zsuzsi and the steam engines

Trains were traveling along 380 kilometers of track and 19 lines once. Of these, Zsuzsi is the oldest. The government’s goal is to make the line even longer.

“137-year-old Zsuzsi went through difficult times. In 1995, for example, the General Assembly wanted to abolish it, but thanks to the enthusiastic Debrecen, the railway continued to “live”. The Zsuzsi railway is an important historical monument for transport, which will soon serve the Debrecen and the tourists with newly renovated wagons, locomotives and a new track.” – wrote Laszlo Papp, Mayor of Debrecen, on his Facebook page.



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