As the grace period ended, since January it is mandatory to make an appointment at the Residential Waste Yard for those who want to drive in with a car and a trailer connected to it. The measure ensures continuous, quick access to the site. Appointments can be requested two weeks in advance, online, in person or by phone. Any citizen with a Hungarian address card can bring waste to the Waste Yard.

20 tons of waste are taken to the Residential Waste Yard every day. Among other things, the appointment booking system was introduced to reduce waiting times and avoid congestion. Individual weighing takes about 15 minutes, so it is possible to admit four people per hour.

Appointments can also be booked on the website of AKSD. To do this, first of all, customers  have to select whether they are coming with a car or a car and a trailer attached to it, the next step is to select the type of waste, then enter personal data, and complete the registration by reserving the most favourable time. The booking process only takes a few minutes.

This is only mandatory for those arriving by car and trailer, the companies must take the waste to the Regional Waste Management Plant. Appointments can be booked in person at the customer service office or by phone (4024 Debrecen, Vígkedvű Mihály Street 7. Phone number: +36 (80) 200-966).
‘If there is no appointment, then the colleagues can refuse the drive-in, since booking an appointment not only serves the purpose of not having congestion in István Road, but also that we can perform the administration properly in the system of the centre, MOHU. Therefore, this was a necessary measure, but it does not make it more difficult to use the Waste Yard,’ Csilla Domokos, spokesperson of AKSD Ltd. pointed out.

Source: Dehir

Author: Debrecen4U