Are you new to Debrecen?  Whether you are here to just visit, study, or work, you can choose from among a wide selection of sports, those that suits your needs best. No matter whether you are just a fan, an amateur, playing just for fun, or a professional athlete, you can enjoy a busy sports life in Debrecen.

Municipal sports facilities

Debrecen Swimming Complex

The complex, which was inaugurated in 2006 and can accommodate more than 1,200 people, has a 50-meter competition pool (water temperature: 26-28°C, water depth: 2.2-2.5 m) and a 25-meter training pool (water temperature 26-28°C, water depth: 2.2 m), as well as a teaching pool (water temperature: 28-30°C, water depth: 0.84 m). The complex also features a Jacuzzi hot tub, an outdoor thermal pool, and a Finnish sauna. The main hall houses an exhibit displaying the medals won at international competitions by Debrecen-based athletes. For more information, visit the website here.


Debrecen Ice Rink

The Ice Rink, built in 2004, is to provide modern, all-year-round services for the region’s ice departments and amateur teams, as well as for guests who like ice skating, ice hockey, or curling. In addition to training sessions and competitive matches, the main rink is also home to the occasional “ice disco” revelries. The compound was the venue of 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 World Championship in April 2015.


Debrecen Sports Center

The Debrecen Sports Center Providing Public Benefit Company, founded in 2000, was established with the aim of taking a more active role in the regional and national sports life by managing the city’s sports facilities. The doors of the Sports Center are, of course, also open to the general public who like mass sports and exercise.

Great Forest Stadium

Besides the tracks of the Debrecen Sports Center, those who enjoy running can also choose from other options. The 1.1 km-long running track around the Great Forest (Nagyerdei) Stadium, which also runs at canopy level, provides an effective training opportunity with its artificial ascents. If you are a fan of cross-country running, you may consider trying the forest running trail from the foot of the Public Cemetery, mostly with deep soil, towards the sandy Pallag.


Football in Debrecen

Those who arrive in Debrecen will soon realise that football has a real cult in the city. The local club, the Debreceni Vasutas Sport Club (DVSC), was founded in 1902 and has enjoyed unbroken popularity ever since. The Debrecen Football Academy Nonprofit Ltd. serves the further expansion of the Debrecen football base. The training centre is in Debrecen-Pallag, on an area of 13 ha provided by the University of Debrecen.


Tennis in Debrecen

The city’s tennis hall, with it’s four hard courts and a 100-seat auditorium, was inaugurated in 2019 by the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management of the University of Debrecen. With this opening, Debrecen took a step forward in creating an even more vibrant tennis life in the city. Sports enthusiasts can also practice on the slopes of the DEAC University Sports Center. Another great opportunity for tennis lovers is the Pallagi Tennis Centrum in Pallag.


Private sports facilities

In addition to municipal sports facilities, there are a number of private sports facilities in the city.

Fitness and gym
Those interested in doing some exercise can choose from a wide variety of gyms and fitness centres, spread across the city.

Horse riding
Hungarians have been famous for their cavalry all over Europe to this day. Debrecen awaits horse lovers with open arms and excellent opportunities.

There is also a possibility to play golf in Debrecen, as this sport can be played on the 20-ha course owned by a local golf club.