Healthcare in Debrecen

Hungary has a tax-funded universal healthcare system. Find out how the Hungarian health system works and how you can access healthcare.

Renting or buying a house

If you are renting or buying a house, you should first decide on the best size, what facilities and furnishings you want, and where in the city the property is located.   Find out how and where to rent or buy an apartment.

Opening a bank account

Banks offer a wide range of services to their customers in Debrecen. Find out how and where to open a bank account.

Traffic & Public transport 

Debrecen is the third largest and second most populous city in Hungary. It is the intellectual, cultural, economic, touristic and transport centre of the East-Hungarian region. See how you can commute around the city.

Sport & Sports facilities

Those arriving in Debrecen can choose the sport that suits them best from a diverse palette. No matter whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete, or maybe only a fan, you can be part of a busy sports life in the city.

Festivals & Events

The city hosts many cultural, musical and gastronomic events throughout the year, attracting thousands of visitors and tourists to Debrecen.

Shopping centres & Markets

Debrecen offers many shopping opportunities for residents, including shopping centres and markets.

Gastronomy & Regional specialities

Debrecen offers special gastronomic experiences to its visitors and residents. See some of the culinary specialties of the region include “dübbencs” (a rustic fistful of baked dough), “puliszka” (boiled corn flour sprinkled with ewe’s cheese), Hortobágy “tarhonya” (egg barley) or “slambuc” (with toasted smoked bacon, lebbencs noodles and potatoes as its ingredients).